How Play Supports Toddler Learning

By superadmin on November 12, 2017 in Blog

Play supports toddler learning by maximising natural discovery and social interaction. After all, toddlers are still making sense of the world. They need to interact with the environment and objects around them for them to know how the world works.

For example, they need to experience the textures and feel of sand, water, clay, balls and other toys. They could then observe how some objects float or sink in the water. They could also feel the grains of sand and see how the ball bounces (how gravity and bouncing works).

Ages 0-6 is crucial in child development

This is when they start building a foundation on how they will interact with the environment and respond in return when something happens. It’s a very slow process but crucial in ensuring the child’s preparation for the real world.

Aside from optimal learning, play also allows kids to have more fun. In fact, play encourages more effective learning and having more fun (a win-win solution). It’s actually more effective to prioritise play during toddler learning.

However, more emphasis is still being placed on academics. It’s related to the pressure of getting ahead. After all, academic performance is directly measurable. In contrast, real-world learning and social skills are difficult to quantify. This actually results to poor performance and less enjoyment of the kids. In addition, an academic-focused environment is often a less supportive setting. Children still need to undergo a smooth transition before they can be successfully prepared for formal schooling.

How Star Academy prioritises both fun and learning

The toddler years are crucial in exploration and discovery. This is when the kids start to make sense of the world. They can’t do that if it’s purely about academics. Play and real-world learning are also important for fun and excellence in the long term. Play supports toddler learning as much as (or perhaps greater than) academics.

That’s why here at Star Academy Kids Early Learning Centre, we prioritise having a supportive environment for kids to learn, grow and have fun. Our qualified and experienced educators make it a fun learning experience for each child. That’s because this is an effective approach in helping kids gain life skills they can use for successful transition to formal schooling.

If you need more information regarding our approach and facilities, you can contact us today and request a tour. You can also see how other toddlers learn and enjoy in our learning centre.