“Preparing for school and for life”

At Star Academy Kids, we aim to create an educational program which allows the children to grow their selfesteem, wellbeing and also nurtures their development. We believe that a strong sense of self-esteem and an excitement and curiosity for learning is the crucial base needed for their future.

To allow our pre-schoolers to prepare for school and for life, we focus on stimulating the way they think, communicate, investigate, explore and problem-solve. Our aim is to ensure that our children are confident and independent by the time they move onto Primary school. We also understand the value of physical activities in developing good health and safety habits.

The program includes play-based activities that help children learn how to interact positively with other children and to recognise and accept their own feelings and those of others. The program also supports the development of early language, literacy and numeracy skills. Our transition to school program also assists our pre-schoolers and families to prepare for school and to have a smooth transition.

We understand that moving on from early education services to a school is a big step and want to ensure that the experience is special. This is why each year we hold a graduation ceremony for all the children and their families who are graduating from Star Academy Kids. It is a truly memorable even that looks back on all the great memories and achievements they have acquired whilst being at the service.