3 Easy Ways You Can Do Today to Make Your Child Smarter

By superadmin on June 13, 2018 in Blog

Over 1 million new neural connections are being formed every second during the child’s early years. Early childhood care and learning also has a huge effect on the children’s future happiness and economic well being.

That’s why parents now are willing to invest more money, time and effort in ensuring their children’s bright future. They now understand the importance of the early years in a child’s long-term development.

How to make your child smarter

It’s especially the case when it comes to intelligence. After all, higher intelligence levels can give kids a competitive edge in formal schooling, careers and business. They would also be able to contribute more to the society because they can create better and holistic strategies whether it’s in their future career or their own enterprise.

How to accomplish this? To make your child smarter, it’s best to start as early as today. It gets better if you follow through these strategies to make your child gain a higher intelligence level:

  1. Talk with your child often.
  2. Encourage more play and physical activity.
  3. Become a happy parent.

1. Talk with your child often

Regular practice is always the key to acquiring and mastering a certain skill. It’s also the case with gaining communication skills which are very crucial as your child will start to interact with fellow kids and other people.

Children will struggle at first when communicating (e.g. telling a story) because their brains haven’t yet formed strong neural connections responsible for language. But as they get more practice, they will expand their vocabulary and be able to express themselves more easily.

In addition, they can now ask more questions on how things work. This will then further expand their knowledge and fuel their inquisitiveness. Perhaps talking with your child often is the most underrated advice when it comes to improving intelligence. But once you realise the benefits, you’ll set aside time each night to talk with your lovely son or daughter.

2. Encourage more play and physical activity

Why are kids so active and restless? One reason is that they’re busy exploring and making sense of the things around them and their surroundings. They want to touch different things and figure out their textures and how these objects move or change depending on the children’s movements and activities.

Playtime is a huge opportunity for the child’s brain to form varied and strong neural connections. Moreover, the human body is designed for action and movement. Idleness doesn’t only harm the body. It also stunts mental growth and brain development.

That’s why government agencies and educational institutions now pay equal attention to the playtime as the academics. After all, kids are just starting to make sense of the world. Playtime can provide those opportunities so kids will learn more.

3. Become a happy parent

Happiness may actually improve intelligence levels. That’s because happiness may encourage further learning and playtime, which becomes a positive feedback loop for better learning and development.

Happiness may also signal that the person is physically healthy, getting proper care and exposed to adequate opportunities. As a result, the person can better focus on learning and acquiring more skills.

It’s also the case with kids because they’ll always feel safe and therefore be able to better focus on learning and playing. But how will you teach your child to be happy? Becoming a happy parent is the key. After all, your child will often just reflect your attitude, emotion and state of mind.

Happy & prepared for the future

There are many facets of intelligence (including social and emotional intelligence). But often we think of intelligence as the ability to understand concepts, process information and acquire new skills.

To prepare your child for the future and help him/her become smarter, it’s best to create an environment that will support that goal. Whether it’s at home or at the early learning centre, the environment should be safe, supportive and nurturing.

That’s what we have here at Star Academy Kids Early Learning Centre. Our encouraging environment and passionate educators will help your children gain a fun and productive learning experience. Contact us today if you want to learn more about our approach.