3 Practical Ways to Encourage Exploration Through Play

By superadmin on April 16, 2018 in Blog

Kids are just starting to make sense of the world. To help them successfully accomplish that, it’s great to allow them to interact with adults, fellow kids and the environment. This way they can better learn how their actions affect the objects and their surroundings.

The best approach for this is through play. It’s a holistic approach wherein kids experience cognitive, physical, emotional and social development. They start to explore and make sense of the world, develop their bones and muscles, gain self-confidence and learn how to collaborate with fellow children.

Let’s discuss how to encourage collaboration and active exploration through the play-based approach:

1. Give some freedom (but with active guidance)

Play is most effective if there’s some level of freedom. This way, kids will develop their curiosity and gain the courage to follow through. As a result, they will do explorations and investigations on their own. When they encounter challenges along the way, they might then come up with their own solutions, thereby enhancing their creativity.

However, there should be guidance along the way and some encouragement from the parents and educators. This is to keep the children safe and introduce them to possibly new paths when they explore.

2. Devote non negotiable schedules for playtime

Academics (gaining literacy and numeracy skills) may take much of a child’s active time. There still should always be a time for academic learning. However, playtime is equally important to the child’s holistic development.

That’s why many early learning centres now place special emphasis on playtime. Aside from facilitating holistic development, playtime is a lot more enjoyable than traditional classroom learning. Children will then be better encouraged to explore and make sense of the things happening around them.

3. Make the environment safe, secure and challenging

To promote play interactions, the environment should be aligned with how kids can best access the toys, learning materials and areas for learning.

That’s why many early learning centres pay attention to furniture, lighting, selection and placement of resources & the overall aesthetics of their facilities. For instance, highlighting certain play materials can capture more attention from the kids. In addition, removing hindrances and allowing easy access to toys and learning resources will better encourage exploration.

Encourage exploration through play

Researchers have found out that playtime has a huge role in children’s overall development and later successes in life. After all, it’s the time when kids learn more about the world through active interaction with objects, people and the environment.

Here at Star Academy Kids Early Learning Centre, we prioritise the children’s development while allowing them to enjoy their childhood. Fun plus learning is the best combination to preparing kids for formal schooling and the real world.

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