Is My Child Ready for Preschool?

By superadmin on March 13, 2018 in Blog

There’s no rush because after all, your child will be at school for a very long time. You also want your child to flourish during his or her school time. This will make your kid enjoy and get the most out of preschool.

So how do you know if it’s the right time? And how can you best prepare your child for an environment outside your home? Let’s discuss the answers to those questions.

How to know if your child is ready?

It’s mainly about if your child can cope socially and emotionally. Notice academics (e.g. ability and excellence in reading and writing) are not mentioned there. That’s because these will be taught during school time.

Why place more emphasis on the social and emotional aspect? First, your child will meet new people and possibly be encouraged to collaborate with peers during class sessions and playtime. Through the years, children form strong attachments with parents and other family members. Kids may experience anxiety or even prefer isolation when it’s school time.

Is your child already comfortable in social settings? Does he or she play often with fellow kids? These are clear signs of social and emotional maturity. Age could be a factor because kids develop in varying paces. What’s important is your child will be ready to flourish and excel.

How to prepare your child?

Take your child and visit the preschool. It’s the best way to set clear expectations and give ideas to your child how awesome preschool will be. As you and your child tour the facility, it’s good to allow the teacher to explain the schedule, playtime and other routines.

Children are always actively exploring the places and things around them. But a sudden introduction and immersion to a totally different environment could be overwhelming. Take it slow by visiting the learning centre. By the time the first preschool day arrives, your child will be more ready.

Preparing your child for formal schooling and life

Is my child ready for preschool? Many parents ask that question because they think both about the present and the long term. They’re now aware of the huge impact of early childhood and preschool to a person’s long-term success.

Here at Star Academy Kids, our goal is to help prepare children for the long term while still giving them an enjoyable experience every day. Our educators guide them in their exploration and make playtime engaging for all.

Contact us today and you can request for a tour of our facility. You can also send us enquiries about our educational program.