Why Consistent Baby Care Away from Home is Important

By superadmin on November 24, 2017 in Blog

Consistent baby care away from home is crucial for the feeling of safety and stability. That’s why there should be minimal differences between the home and the service. This way, babies can still feel safe even when away from home.

Why consistency is important?

Perhaps you’ve experienced bringing your baby to a paediatrician (or in a different place) and suddenly your baby suddenly transforms from calm to upset (and crying all the time). Mainly that’s because it’s a different environment. Everything feels chaotic again.

Infants encounter and absorb endless streams of stimulus and data. In addition, each day is packed with learning and excitement. That’s why they find relief when there’s a routine or consistency in their daily lives.

For example, the feeding and napping schedules should almost always be the same whether away or not from home. This way they can find constant relief from new learning experiences. They will also feel a sense of physical safety and stability which is important to their development.

More focus on other things

Aside from safety and stability, consistency and routine also free up the baby’s energy to focus on other things. Instead of continuously adjusting to varying environments and schedules, babies can focus their energies in making sense of the world.

This is important in optimal child development (mental, physical and emotional). The mental and physical energy can be better put in more important things such as discovery and exploration. When it comes to physical development, the babies’ bodies can develop a pattern for sleeping and eating. This could greatly help in absorbing and processing the nutrients for optimal growth.

Consistent baby care away from home Sydney

Here at Star Academy Kids Early Learning Centre, we provide excellent care according to the baby’s schedule at home. This is to make babies feel safe and cared for. In addition, we provide a calm and peaceful environment to support the babies’ optimal development.

If you want to explore our facilities and learn about our approach, you can contact us here and send your enquiry. We have locations at Liverpool, Belfield, Campsie and Canterbury.