How to Give Your Child a Strong Start

By superadmin on September 20, 2018 in Blog

Up to 90% of children’s brain development occurs in the first five years of their life. In addition, over 1 million new neural connections are being formed every second during the kids’ early years.

With this information, parents and government organisations are now placing more emphasis on early childhood education. For instance, government agencies and education sectors are now formulating and implementing measures to make quality early childhood education more accessible to kids no matter where they live or what their circumstances are.

Starting strong is the key

As a parent, you’re now starting to think about your child’s future. How can you help ensure his/her success? How can you best prepare your child for formal schooling and beyond?

The key is to give them early advantages (starting strong). This way, they will gain a solid foundation that they can take advantage of during their formal schooling and even during their professional lives. They will also be able to stand on a higher platform so they can get better and easier access to opportunities.

Early advantages do compound and accumulate. For instance, a firm academic foundation can make kids quickly learn more advanced concepts that will be presented by a formal school. As a result, they won’t be left behind. This is great for their self-esteem as they gain more confidence when interacting with peers.

How to give your child a strong start?

With all these benefits of starting strong, indeed how can you best prepare your child? How can you give him/her the early advantages necessary to become successful?

The prevailing approach is to emphasise both fun and learning. Learning is already given because after all, kids have to gain the basic numeric skills and literacy. But what about fun?

Incorporating fun in learning sessions makes class sessions more encouraging. With more encouragement comes a higher desire to learn. Also, incorporating fun actually helps kids develop in more dimensions as opposed to pure sit-in-a-chair approach.

That’s because using a fun approach (also known as play-based learning), kids are able to interact with peers, objects and the environment. This is true whether it’s at home or an early childhood learning centre. In either environments, more interaction with people and surroundings actually boosts their cognitive, social and physical development.

With more movements and richer interactions, more parts of the brain participate each second. Take note that over 1 million new neural connections are being formed each second during the kid’s early years. The core brain architecture is also being developed during this period. It’s crucial that kids do more physical movements and richer social interactions so their brains get developed optimally.

Here at Star Academy Kids Early Learning Centre, we allow kids to explore and interact with fellow children, objects and the environment. This is possible in our fun and supportive environment. Contact us today if you think this approach is the best for your child.