How to Help Build Your Child’s Self Confidence

By superadmin on December 25, 2018 in Blog

Self-confidence is important not just in navigating social situations (facing other people) but also in learning new concepts and exploring new worlds. After all, if children don’t have a shred of self-confidence, they won’t venture out or try new things. They won’t also be able to interact successfully with peers and collaborate on common goals and projects.

Aside from intellectual capacity, positive emotions and confidence are equally important in preparing your child for formal schooling and beyond. To help you accomplish that, here are a few strategies for raising a confident child:

Buy the best clothes and prioritise hygiene

Often, most advice articles focus on changing the mindset (mind over matter) and psychological shifts. However, still the best place to start is with the physical aspect. Right now you can do something about it and create more meaningful and longer-lasting changes.

For example, if your child wears nice and comfortable clothes, he/she can better focus on playing with other kids (instead of worrying about how he/she looks like). Also, an excellent hygiene indeed attracts other people (it’s true to both kids and adults). This is also a great way of preventing teasing and bullying because there’s one fewer reason for the child to get teased.

Before he/she goes to school, make sure your child looks and smells fresh. This way your child will feel more confident and this will help him/her to better focus on studies, play or making new friends.

Let your child decide

Another confidence-booster is making decisions. It’s really hard to feel confident (or even fake it) if you don’t have any control about the situation. This similarly applies to kids especially to toddlers who are starting to show and assert their independence.

Not a long time ago your child might be accepting most things as they are and whatever is on the table. But lately you’ve noticed that he/she starts to make choices and say yes or no. That’s healthy progress because it’s also a great time to further build his/her confidence.

Whether in foods, games or toys, allow your child to choose so he/she can still feel in control. And when you encourage each decision (and your child made a right choice), you naturally boost your child’s self-confidence.

Encourage curiosity and exploration

Independence and confidence often go hand in hand. If you can decide and do things on your own, you will naturally radiate confidence and other people will sense that and count on you. It applies similarly to kids. If you give them some freedom on how they play and explore, you can also boost their confidence and make their own decisions without constantly consulting you.

This is a crucial aspect on how to help build your child’s confidence. There should be less and less reliance of you as they spend more and more time with other people and environments. It’s an inevitable process but you can make your child a more confident kid by following the above mentioned strategies.

That’s also one of our priorities here at Star Academy Kids Early Learning Centre. We encourage kids to explore and play. With guidance from our qualified educators, the learning process will still be structured while your child still gains some freedom on how he/she solves problems, interact with fellow kids and explore the surroundings. Contact us today if you think this approach is best for your child.