Pros and Cons of Learning at Home for Our Children

By superadmin on September 14, 2021 in Blog

Whether it’s because of new restrictions or our preferences on how our children should be educated, it’s good to become aware of the advantages and disadvantages of learning at home (especially if it’s done full time or on most days). This way we can better anticipate the drawbacks and better compensate for them for the good of our children.

Pros and cons of learning at home for children

Although studying at home seems safer and more convenient, the drawback is that in-person interactions and experiences become severely limited. In other words, our children become less exposed to other people (especially fellow kids) and the environment.

As humans, we learn best and become more resilient through a variety of experiences. It’s similar to “Experience is the best teacher” where we become better equipped to adapt and respond even during a crisis. It’s also a great way of expanding our comfort zone and feeling more confident and stronger when different situations arise.

It’s especially the case with our children where they’re just starting to make sense of the world around them. They require a variety of experiences and inputs for them to figure out how things work. These experiences will help them become more comfortable in a variety of situations. They will also become more confident when interacting with other children especially during playtime.

Many parents view learning at home as a supplement to classroom settings and early childcare centres. It’s a means to support or complement the learning experiences children gain from the outside. Although staying at home is safe and convenient, it’s always recommended to make it temporary because children can still learn more and have more fun if they’re outside.

Safety first, as always. It’s good to stay updated on the information about the red zones and new restrictions. Depending on the area you’re in and the current health status of your children and entire family, it’s always best to stay safe for now. But once the restrictions are lifted and you’ve made sure it’s safe to go and stay outside, it’s time to re-think the advantages and disadvantages of studying at home and the benefits of real-world fun and experience.