How to Raise a Happy Child? Here’s the Science & Psychology

By superadmin on June 27, 2018 in Blog

To raise a happy child, you should make him/her feel safe, surrounded with happy people (that includes you) and placed in an encouraging environment. In other words, the principles to make people happy also apply to young children.

Make your child feel safe

If your child feels safe, this makes it easier for him/her to smile and laugh at things. There are fewer things to worry about. Take note that children feel like everything’s new and in chaos because they’re just starting to explore the world.

One way to make kids feel safe is by establishing routines and traditions. Make a child’s day predictable by setting specific schedules for dinner, playtime, going out and celebrations. Provide a structure so kids know what to expect each hour and every day. This way, they will have more physical and mental resources to be happy about the things and experiences they encounter along the way.

Surround your kid with happiness

Kids learn from the environment and often just reflect what they see and hear from other people (especially you the parent). If you’re always happy, your child is most likely to adapt that emotion and attitude day to day.

Perhaps you’ve already heard “You’re the average of 5 people you spend the most time with.” Whether we like it or not, we often emulate the traits and nuances of people surrounding us. This effect is magnified because children can’t yet filter out undesirable traits, mental states and attitudes. Kids often just copy what they see.

That’s why it’s best to surround your child with happiness as much as possible. As a parent and as the person your child is spending the most time with, be happy and smile often. Speak in a vibrant tone and keep yourself healthy (excellent physical health has a huge impact on happiness).

Kids should be in an encouraging environment

Our environment affects us more than we realise. For example, if our office has a professional and elegant feel, we’ll be better primed for professionalism, excellence and success.

It’s also the case with children who can easily be influenced by their surroundings. If kids are in a supportive and encouraging environment, they’ll feel safe and free to explore and play. This then leads to happiness because they’ll have more fun along the way.

This not only applies to the early learning centre you choose for your child. It also applies to how your home is organised. If your home is safe and automatically encourages playtime and exploration, certainly your child will experience happiness. This will also positively affect your child’s later health, behaviour, learning and success.

Why raise a happy child

Notice that the tips mentioned above are easy to implement (you can actually do them today). Often, you only need to invest more time and effort with your child to make him/her happy. It’s a small price to pay for your child’s happiness, security and long-term success.

Although happiness is difficult to quantify, we all know it whenever we see a happy child. Also, it’s now easy to figure out the things that will lead to happiness. For example, a positive and nurturing environment can promote happiness and even help kids gain long-term benefits.

That’s what we do here at Star Academy Kids Early Learning Centre. Aside from preparing children for the future, we also make the learning experience fun for all kids. Our supportive and nurturing environment makes it possible to raise happy children (but home plays a bigger role here).

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