When is the Right Time for Toilet Training?

By superadmin on October 30, 2018 in Blog

Around 2 or 3 years of age, most kids will be ready for toilet training.

However, this should happen naturally. After all, kids need to go at their own pace. That’s why it’s recommended to trust your child with his or her patterns and behaviours. As parents, our role is to make toilet training as natural and positive as possible.

Keep it calm and no pressure

For several months, young children have been used to finishing a wee or a poo on a nappy. It’s just reasonable to expect some time before kids can successfully transition into using the toilet. It’s an entirely different setup and it also takes time for kids to figure out how things work out beyond using the nappy.

To make the transition easier (and the task a bit easier for parents), educators from early learning centres work closely with families so that kids can confidently transition to using the toilet independently. Even with the combined efforts of the families and early learning centres, the entire process still takes time. Also, kids often have different paces when it comes to transitions and development.

That’s why it’s best to remove the pressure and make the whole experience positive for your child. Also, expect that there will be lapses and accidents wherein after consecutive successes, the child may “fail” again at using the toilet.

As with other behaviours, the ideal approach is to make the experience positive and reinforce the positive results by giving some kind of praise or reward. This way, your child can associate using the toilet with a positive feeling (e.g. your praise or encouragement).

This is important whether at home or at the early learning centre. The positive reinforcement and experience should remain consistent no matter the environment. After all, this period is also a preparation for your child’s formal schooling later on. Sooner or later your child needs to use the toilet confidently and successfully whenever he or she is outside the home environment.

When is the right time for toilet training

Expect your child to be prepared around 2 or 3 years of age. You’ll notice some of the signs your child is ready such as when he/she is showing interest in others using the toilet, he/she lets you know a wee or poo was done and your child stays dry for a couple hours at time.

Take note that the entire process takes time. To make this easier, here at Star Academy Kids Early Learning Centre we closely collaborate with families to assist in the process of the toddler’s toilet training. We make the entire experience as natural and positive as possible. Contact us today if you require more information about our approach.