Why Starting Strong Will Make Kids Get Ahead

By superadmin on April 29, 2018 in Blog

Early childhood is when solid foundations are built in a person’s physical, emotional, mental and social development. In fact, what happens during early childhood may determine a person’s professional or business success.

For example, an excellent early childhood education can make a child’s transition to formal schooling smoother and much easier. The “Matthew effect” then comes into play. It’s about the accumulating advantages that may carry on even beyond schooling and career.

Why starting strong will make kids get ahead?

Increased economic participation will be one of the biggest effects. Kids who have gained a solid foundation will be equipped with the right skills to thrive in an evolving world. They could better contribute to a company’s goals and the society. This then leads to higher rewards that they can acquire over the long term.

Furthermore, people who started strong often have better physical health and overall well-being. They have economic advantages that can be used to get more out of life. Also, they can better enjoy the fruits of their labour because of better health.

Nutritional meals for optimal physical development

Kids grow fast and they require nutrients to support that growth. In addition, they also require huge amounts of energy to make them stay active especially during play and exploration.

Due to the high nutritional and energy requirements of kids, most of the foods they take (whether at home or learning centre) should be aligned with optimal physical development. This also greatly contributes to their cognitive development because their brains also required nutrients.

For instance, here at Star Academy Kids Early Learning Centre, we prepare seasonal menus that meet children’s high nutritional and energy requirements. Meals are freshly prepared by a qualified chef to make sure the foods are also appealing (to encourage consumption of nutritious meals).

This is also a huge part of “Starting Strong.” Kids can acquire stronger bones and muscles if they regularly eat nutritious meals during early childhood. They will also have more energy to learn, play and participate in the various activities at the early learning centre.

Start strong & accumulate advantages

Here at Star Academy Kids Early Learning Centre, we focus on helping kids build a strong foundation while also allowing them to enjoy their childhood. This is a great approach in encouraging learning and participation. In addition, integrating fun with learning can make pleasant’s associations in the child’s mind about the joy and rewards of learning.

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