How to Support Your Child’s Learning at Home

By superadmin on August 16, 2021 in Blog

To support your child’s learning at home, it’s essential to set up a comfortable learning environment as well as constantly communicate with your child about what he/she is learning each day.

How to support your child’s learning at home

Although schools and early learning centres are specifically designed for rich learning and interaction, still we can make our homes a good learning environment for our children. Whether it’s just supplemental learning or a full learn at home setup, we can still help children become more focused and productive while learning and studying.

One way to accomplish that is by setting up a dedicated space for studying. Ideally, it should be separate from your child’s bedroom or play area. It’s similar to our approach when we have a separate space for leisure and another for work (that’s why we have a home office or we still prefer commuting to work). This separation or compartmentalisation helps us by conditioning our minds and bodies on what to do and where to focus. For example, we find it hard to fully relax if our bedroom is also our workplace. There’s that constant conflict between the bed and our work. Even with great discipline, that persistent conflict can mentally drain us or make it hard to focus on one task at a time.

Our children also experience that when there’s a single space for play, study and sleep. Most likely their minds will often wander during study hours and get distracted all day. It’s possible that at the end of the day, the hours spent studying could have been wasted or that children will feel bored and conflicted all day long.

Aside from having a dedicated space for learning (and making sure it’s well lit and ventilated), it’s also essential to constantly communicate with your child about what he/she is learning. It could be as simple as “What have you learned today?” and asking a few follow-up questions or just reacting enthusiastically. This communication and feedback is important in helping your child develop his/her language and communication skills as well as consolidating what he/she is learning every day.

Learning at home can still be challenging especially if you’re always concerned whether your child is actually learning. You also want each hour of learning to be productive and worthwhile to help your child with his/her rapid development. With your support and attention, it’s possible especially if you constantly communicate with your child and attend to his/her ever changing needs as he/she grows.