What are the Common Child Health Issues?

By superadmin on November 18, 2020 in Blog

Knowing the most common child health issues can help you better prepare as a parent and better care for your child. This is crucial for your child’s health as well as to your peace of mind.

What are the common child health issues?

Allergies, asthma, colds, conjunctivitis, food intolerances, gastroenteritis, small blisters inside the mouth and on the hands and feet (hand, foot and mouth disease), impetigo or school sores, lice or nits, warts and worms are just some of the things to worry about. As parents we all notice that our children are always picking up something.

To prevent most of those or reduce the likelihood they will happen, it’s highly recommended to choose a good family doctor beforehand. It also helps to pay attention to the children’s daily personal hygiene, exposure to the sun, oral care, outdoor and indoor air quality and updated immunisations.

Aside from those common physical health issues, we as parents also have to be mindful of our children’s internet safety and excessive screen time. This affects their cognitive, social and physical development. For example, excessive screen time also means less physical playtime. Internet safety is also a concern because what they see online can affect their cognitive development and social interactions. Although there now filters and restrictions to what they see online, the system is still far from perfect. We cannot fully count on the promises and guarantees of the apps and websites about safe content.

The Australian Government is actively supporting children’s health. However, mainly it’s still our job as parents to ensure our children’s health and proper development. The government is there to support our efforts and make sure our basic needs are being met. But as parents, most of the responsibilities are still ours because we are the ones who best know our children.

Here at Star Academy Kids Early Learning Centre, we’re always here to support children’s proper growth and development. We ensure a safe and supportive environment for kids to learn, socialise and explore. This way, parents can also gain peace of mind and somehow worry less about their children’s welfare and future.