How Kids See the World? The Way to Better Understanding

By superadmin on May 14, 2018 in Blog

Kids see the world differently than adults. Perhaps that’s because of their very limited experience. As they gain more experience and see more of the world, their views gradually or drastically change. It’s almost the same process for all of us when we enter the adult world.

One of the key things that define how kids see the world is about their curiosity and inquisitiveness. By the time they have some communication skills (especially because kids have rapid language acquisition skills), expect lots of questions coming from them. After all, they’re trying to make sense of the world and they want to know why things happen.

With the children’s curiosity and inquisitiveness, it could be really difficult to keep up with them. Their high energy levels also make it a challenge for parents to adapt. The first step then is recognising the differences so we can better cope as parents.

Playtime & active exploration

Promptly answering your child’s questions is not enough to satisfy their curiosity. To them, everything is new and there are lots of things in the environment that will surely pique their curiosity. After all, they’ve just been here in the world for a few years. They’re still in the phase of active exploration.

To support that, continuous encouragement should always be there. Another (and better approach) is to make an environment that makes active exploration the default behaviour. Many early learning centres have this kind of environment. With the guidance of educators, children can further pursue their curiosities.

In addition, playtime should also be a priority. It’s through rich interaction with objects and environment that kids truly learn. Through play, they further learn cause and effect. What happens if they drop this toy? What does sand feel like? What happens if they stack three different objects?

How kids see the world?

Kids learn best through interaction and experience. Verbal explanation won’t be enough to make kids understand how and why things happen. It’s through play and exploration that they can effectively grasp the concepts.

In contrast, adults can still understand things through reading and visualisation. It’s a totally different case with kids because they don’t have enough experience to base their learning from. That’s why it’s our role then to help them learn through the most effective approaches available.

Here at Star Academy Kids, we have a supportive and safe environment that encourages kids to play and explore. With our educators’ guidance, children will be able to learn about the world through interaction and play. Contact us today if you want to learn more about our facility and approach.