Why Lifelong Health and Early Childhood are Inseparable

By superadmin on November 30, 2018 in Blog

Lifelong health and early childhood actually goes hand in hand in determining a person’s future. After all, there’s a better chance that a healthy child will end up as a healthy adult. And yes, good physical health can translate to better economic success in the long term.

Although health is a long-term evolving resource (we have to continuously maintain our good health), people’s health during their early childhood can have long-lasting effects to their physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.

For instance, lack of nutrition during early childhood can cause brain developmental delays. The young brains and bodies of kids require energy and nutrients. It’s a crucial period because early childhood is the time when the core brain architecture (plus 1 million neural connections being formed every second) is being built. In addition, lack of nutrition may also cause stunted growth and this may affect how kids interact with fellow children.

Health is more about the absence of disease

Health is also about kids having the ability to cope with stress, adapt to everyday challenges and feel a reasonable level of self-confidence. Health issues or suboptimal health can get in the way of all that and prevent children from truly having fun (whether at home or at the early learning centre).

Early childhood is when the important foundations are being built. If during this time a person faced lack of nutrition and play, this disadvantage can actually carry over beyond childhood. Brain developmental delays can affect a person’s academic success and mental performance. This can then also affect a person’s prospects on work or business. Indeed, early disadvantages may set up people to long-term failure.

To prevent that, kids should acquire the right nutrients (and in the right amounts) whether at home or at the early learning centre. Both the meals and the snacks should supply enough energy to keep the children active and enough nutrients to support the kids’ growth and optimal development.

That is what we do here at Star Academy Early Learning Centre. We always provide kids with healthy nutritional meals. Our foods here meet the kids’ energy and nutritional requirements. We also prepare alternative meals (while still ensuring enough nutrients) for kids with allergies and special dietary requirements. Contact us today if you want to learn more about our nutritional approach to support children’s learning and development.