Why are Social Skills Important in Early Childhood?

By superadmin on February 26, 2018 in Blog

Why are social skills important in early childhood? First, development of social skills allows kids to develop their communication and language abilities. Second, social skills also enable kids to get along with others and understand other viewpoints and perspectives.

How social skills are developed?

Social skills are best developed through constant practice. Rich social interactions allow children to:

  • Reach out for words and better express themselves
  • Express their emotions and tell stories to their parents
  • Learn cooperation through effective communication

As a result, children would then be better adapted to formal schooling and their future professional lives. That’s because these environments often require teamwork and tight collaboration to get things done.

To better prepare your child for these environments, devote a time daily for one-on-one communication. Allow your child to express him/herself. Many parents ask their child to describe the things they see and touch. Many parents also ask their kids what happened at the early learning centre (this helps children develop their storytelling skills).

Play-based learning (as stated in the Early Years Learning Framework) also supports the development of social skills. That’s because kids will be getting along and trying to achieve a common goal. Often, this accomplishment requires communication and cooperation.

Playtime also requires interaction with peers and complex environments. This is a huge opportunity for kids to learn and expand their comfort zone. In addition, this could be more fun as opposed to pure classroom settings.

How play and fun supports learning

Kids will be better encouraged to learn because they’re enjoying their time. Active exploration can only occur if toddlers and preschool kids feel safe and experience fun in the process.

For example, here at Star Academy Kids we allow children to explore and investigate (with the guidance of our qualified educators). As a result, kids discover more and better make friends with fellow children.

Why are social skills important in early childhood

The early years are crucial periods for children to build a strong foundation. Aside from preparing them for formal schooling, good social skills will also help them better navigate the complex world.

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