How Toddlers Develop and Learn

By superadmin on February 12, 2018 in Blog

How toddlers develop and learn? Children best learn by constant interaction and active exploration. After all, they’re still trying to make sense of the world. They could only accomplish that if you allow them to explore and investigate.

This is what happens at Star Academy Kids wherein toddlers are allowed to explore and investigate (with the professional guidance of our qualified instructors). This way, kids can explore the possibilities while remaining safe in a nurturing environment.

Why play is crucial to toddler development?

As mentioned above, interaction and exploration are means for toddlers to learn and develop. This could be best accomplished by play because of the following reasons:

  • Child can learn how does it feel to touch sand, water and objects
  • Child observes how his/her movement affects the objects (e.g. flow of water)
  • Development of hand-eye coordination (e.g. lifting the objects and letting them fall down)
  • Allow kids to socialise more (play with other children)
  • Further develop the child’s senses (e.g. Are the pebbles rough? What sound does a drum toy make?)

In other words, play has a crucial role in the child’s intellectual, physical, emotional and social development. Academics still has importance for the child to get ahead and prepare for schooling. However, it’s about the child’s full development. It’s possible (and far more effective) to allow children have enough time to play.

What parents can do?

First, one-on-one communication is vital to building a strong relationship with your child. In addition, this also plays a huge role in further developing your child’s communication skills.

Toddlers still struggle to express themselves through words. That’s why you as the parent should devote enough time on talking with your child. The key here is practice. Your child will be comfortable and better encouraged to talk with you. This allows your child then to better practice his/her communication skills.

How toddlers develop and learn

Whether at home or at the early learning centre, toddlers need full support and encouragement because these are crucial to their fast development. At home the parents should devote enough time for talk (develop child’s communication and expressive skills). At the early learning centre, toddlers should be allowed to explore and investigate (with the guidance of qualified teachers).

Here at Star Academy Kids, we prioritise the child’s development because we nurture a friendly and supportive environment. Our program is closely aligned with the Early Years Learning Framework.

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