Will Early Childhood Education Change?

By superadmin on April 16, 2020 in Blog

The way we help our children learn and develop has already evolved many times through the decades. Back then we might be only prioritising literacy and academics. But because of the Early Years Learning Framework, the crucial role of play is also now being emphasised. After all, learning is not just about sitting in a classroom but also whenever a child plays and interacts with people, objects and the environment.

Will early childhood education change after COVID-19?

Parents are scared now because of the threats and risks outside. Schools and early learning centres shut down to contain this uncertain threat and keep our children safe. After this crisis, children still have a lot of time to catch up. It’s still best to ensure our children’s safety and perhaps accept the pauses and delays.

What if my child falls behind? This is a real concern among many parents but good news is that lessons will be somehow synchronised (ask your child’s learning centre, contact your school about this or enquire here). In other words, each child receives the same lessons as the others. This is to keep things consistent and make sure each child learns at a comfortable pace.

It’s uncertain whether this online learning will be a permanent part of the education system (and if the Early Years Learning Framework will get modified). What’s certain though is the huge role of the parents. Both the children and the parents might stay at home for longer periods of time. This is a huge opportunity for parents to be with their children and also guide their learning and education. Also, the learning from home hub may require the parents’ constant assistance. In other words, it seems that parents now have a bigger role to play in their children’s development.

It’s actually been this way because children still spend most of their time at home. The presence of the parents as well as how the environment looks and feels like has a huge impact on how the child’s brain develops. The curriculum might change a bit to better respond to the times and further help children achieve their potential. What will always stay the same is the huge role of parents and the home environment.