How to Encourage Your Child to Eat More Vegetables

By superadmin on May 15, 2019 in Blog

Vegetables are a great source of vitamins, fibre and antioxidants. These also add variety to the children’s meals (it’s easy to run out of food ideas if it’s all meat). Eating more vegetables is also important because children undergo rapid physical development. If your child had built a healthy eating habit early on, he/she will be better protected against heart diseases and some forms of cancer.

It’s now or never (good news though if your child already eats some vegetables and your goal now is to encourage him/her to eat more). Here are a few tips to encourage your child to eat more vegetables:

Becoming a good example

Kids often imitate what they see around them (including whatever you’re eating and doing). As a result, it’s always a good thing to let your child see you eating vegetables. After all it’s hard to expect your child to do something you want if he/she can’t see you doing the same. Also, it’s good to make each mealtime a happy and positive experience (especially when vegies are on the table). This way the vegies will be better associated with positivity (instead of the child hating the vegies whenever he/she sees them).

Just keep trying

Some kids might need to try a new food at least 10 times before they can accept it. It’s especially the case if we’re talking about vegetables (after all who can honestly tell that they really love the vegies). Good thing is kids also have a good way of adapting. After enough tries they’ll find that vegies are not really that bad after all. Also keep in mind that vegetables don’t really taste great so it’s fairly reasonable to give some time to your child for him/her to accept the new food and adapt.

Use further praise and encouragement

The goal here is to make the experience light and positive. If there’s some kind of reward, eating more vegetables could be a lot easier for your child. The reward doesn’t have to be a toy or something tangible. Just some praise and encouragement will do. No pressure here (just a light experience) because you can always try again next time.

Encourage your child to eat more vegetables

There’s no reason to make a big deal out of this because sooner or later your child will accept the new food and eat more vegetables. This can happen if you make it all a positive and light experience for your child. Also take note that it might take a lot of tries before your child can truly accept the vegies.