How Do I Keep My Child Safe at Home?

By superadmin on June 13, 2019 in Blog

As your child grows, he or she will spend more and more time outside (e.g. playground, early learning centre) and less and less time inside the home. Although there are potential dangers outside, that still doesn’t mean your home is 100% safe for your child. Let’s discuss several ways to improve safety at your home so that your child will be protected and far from harm.

Install smoke detectors and safety switches

We should first watch out for the potential fires and electrocution. A fire can spread fast and instantly harm your child. Electrocution is also a serious issue especially when most outlets and power points are within the reach of children.

Commercial facilities and early learning centres have high fire and electrical safety standards for the safety of the public and protection of valuable assets. It’s a standard now to have smoke detectors, fire alarms and electrical safety devices in those facilities. It should also be the case with our homes because we and our kids still stay inside our residences most of the time.

Securely store potentially harmful substances

Medicines, household cleaning products and other potentially harmful substances (also sharp items and small objects) should be stored securely and kept away from our curious and playful kids. Keep in mind that our kids are in the active exploration phase and they always like to play with their hands and mouths. They might eat or swallow substances if those substances are just lying around.

It’s also great to have someone watch for your child at all times especially during playtime when your kid is all active and energetic. He or she might hit or play around with something that could be potentially dangerous. It’s hard to locate all the hazard points and even after a thorough inspection we could still miss a few things, which is why it’s important to be alert (or have someone watch your child while you’re busy).

Let the child play but still with your guidance

In early learning centres children are allowed to play and explore but still with the guidance of qualified educators (such as what we do here at Star Academy Kids Early Learning Centre). This way, the kids will feel safe while they’re still being encouraged to play, explore and get active.

Safety first. But this should not get in the way of the child’s curiosity and never-ending energy. By following the tips mentioned above and making sure you enrol your child in a reputable early learning centre, you’ll gain peace of mind about your child’s safety.