Language Development In Children: Talk With Your Kids And Get Results

By superadmin on March 12, 2021 in Blog

A recent study by an American paediatrics institution, shows that toddlers with parents who spend lots of time talking to them and listening to their chatter are more likely to have better language skills and a higher intelligence quota than youngsters whose parents did not engage with them as much when they were young. Conversation is very nutritious to the brain and is crucial to language development in children.

During the study, families were asked to provide day-long recordings for six months. The parent placed a recording device into their child’s clothing which recorded their dialogue throughout the day. The researchers measured the time it took for a response to occur following a prompt from either party. The device recorded instances of a conversational reply within five seconds.

The study found that conversational turns were more important in producing language development in children than exposure to words then. Changing topics mid conversation is crucial to developing language skills, over and above simply saturating the conversation with an increasing number of words. However, vocabulary development does occur to a greater degree in toddlers when conversations happen frequently. Indeed, frequent chatting with toddlers accounted for up to 27% of their higher performance in verbal comprehension a decade later, after taking socioeconomic factors into account.

Children were initially observed between the ages of two and four years old. The children then had follow up tests conducted between the ages of nine and thirteen. The study suggested there is a huge payoff for a child’s brain development when they are stimulated by conversation at an early age. Doctors have recognised that as well as conversation, books are incredibly important to developing a child’s language skills.

Helping children gain access to tools that promote language development is very much needed in order to help them develop their vocabulary and confidence when communicating. This is particularly true in lower socioeconomic groups. At Star Academy Kids, we facilitate learning with story time and by providing a trove of books for kids to read during their down time.

We encourage our parents to spend lots of time talking to their toddlers and encouraging them to read. Try to incorporate several topics into conversation and switch between them when possible to develop your child’s grasp on dynamic conversation. Doing this will increase their vocabulary faster too.

At Star Kids Academy, all of our staff are trained and certified to handle language development in children. We have access to literacy resources on site and will dedicate significant time to talking to your toddlers to make sure their brains are growing at a fast pace. If you’re looking to enrol your child in their early childhood education today, call us on 02 9591 7575 to arrange a site visit and to begin enrolment.