How Do I Stop Worrying About My Child?

By superadmin on October 20, 2020 in Blog

“Will my child be all right when he/she grows up? And am I really doing my best as a parent to help my child prepare for the future?”

It seems our job as parents is to worry all the time. It’s tough raising a child or children especially in these unpredictable and terrifying times. Aside from the pandemic, we also get worried because of climate change, overpopulation, rising competition and the future of work (can our children still find a job in the future?). We also worry about our children’s moment by moment behaviour and safety.

How do I stop worrying about my child?

Here’s the bitter truth: You can’t. We can’t stop worrying because it’s actually our job as parents. In several other articles you’ll read tips to stop worrying such as focusing on the present, embracing everything that comes and living each day and letting tomorrow worry about itself. Well, it all sounds good and even transcendental. But as parents who grew up in uncertain times and keep hearing about terrifying news every hour, we just can’t help but be anxious and think deeply about our children’s future.

What else can we do then? Perhaps the best we can do is to think about and prepare for the worst case scenario. What’s the worst that can happen to our children? First, we always think about their health and safety. As long as we follow the government advisories and play it safe, our children will be fine. Disease and accidents may still happen, but as adults we can surely handle it and protect our children.

What about the future? There’s nothing sure about the future. There are literally hundreds of topics about preparing for what’s about to happen. However, the core principle is to just be strong so our children can handle it. Being strong here means having a solid foundation (academic, professional and social skills). It’s also important here to have connections which is why getting along with people coming from diverse cultures and backgrounds is now a top skill.

In summary, it’s about feeling confident whatever may come. This doesn’t mean though that we should relax and do nothing. What we should do is to help our children get strong by letting them build a solid foundation. This starts in their early years when their brains are rapidly developing. Well, we can’t say the rest will take care of itself after that. What’s sure is that we’ll keep worrying about our children for the rest of our lives.